Payroll Services - Industries Served

Industries Served

Our Payroll Expertise caters for all types of businesses within the community.

Our customers include but are not limited to:

Accountants, Agriculture, Airlines, Banks, Barristers, Catering Industy, Chemical Industry, Colleges, Cruise Liner Companies, Doctors, Energy Producers, Engineering Industry, Financial Institutions, Freight Industry, Film Industry, Food Industry, Global Financial Groups, Government Departments, Holiday Tour Operators, Housing Associations, International Employment Organisations, Medical Centres, Restaurants, Schools, Shipping Industry, Solicitors, Transport Industry, Underwriters, Unions, Veterinary Surgeons, Video Game Providers, Wholesalers and Wine Shippers.

Our payrolls are processed for :

  • Hourly Paid and Salaried Employees
  • Weekly
  • Two Weekly
  • Four Weekly
  • Twice Monthly
  • Monthly
  • Quarterly and Yearly