Outsourced Payroll Services

Payrolls Processed

The smallest payrolls we process are for a single employee , there is no limit for the number of employees we can process. When we state that "no payroll is too small or too large" we mean just that.

We process

  • UK Payrolls
  • Irish Payrolls
  • Expatriate Payrolls

dealing with all Tax and N.I implications including Net to Gross, Pension and Health deductions required by our clients.

School Payrolls which we process require contact with the Local Authority, we liase and interface with several Local Authorities on Salary regarding Spinal Points, Pay Structures for Teaching and Non Teaching Staff. If required we make all payments to the varying Pension Providers, Unions and Charities. We subtract the complexity of payroll, and our prices add some resources for the school's educational use.

Payroll for American and European clients are a feature of our business and we provide facilities for our overseas based clients to pay their employees who work in the UK and Ireland.